SDESIGNUNIT is single unit that progresses a project cooperated on by many fields of designers, artist, engineers, and technical experts. They approach design by observation and simplification, and they choose an object by collecting data on undesigned goods. This not only fits outcomes but it also fits the characteristics of group ? pursuing planning, process and attempting new experiments based on cooperation. In these basic conditions, they are improving designs through research on objects and humans, reaction and interaction, and society and the environment.


What is the subject of design?
All scenes from daily living are the subject of design.

We are living around lots of products and scene. Walking on the street, calling the phone, opening the door, getting on the train or bus. We are always influenced from each others. Sometime we look at it in different way with each situation, sometimes we use different product but use same way. (Alternative product)
What is the subject of design?
All scenes from daily living are the subject of design.


Design undesigned

Korea ranks second in the world in terms of the number of designers who are produced every year. Yet in Seoul, which has so many designers, there are as many ¡®un-designed objects¡¯ as the number of designers. Throughout our daily lives we are faced with common objects, ¡®un-designed¡¯ objects. These objects are new, created objects, and are the result of a process by which average people themselves produce objects to suit their own purposes (substitution and combination), with no involvement from a professional ¡®designer¡¯. When people cannot find the object that they need, they use another that has similar properties as a substitute (substitution), or they combine a few objects that are supposed to be used differently and create a new one (combination).

Under these circumstances, when we are saturated with designs, should we produce or consume design? ?Quantitatively analyzing the ratio of production vs. consumption, most designers cannot help but be consumer-designers, because consumption exceeds production. As we read this, we live in a situation that someone has designed, and we use something that someone has designed. However, in order for designers to maintain their positions as producers, they must continuously find objects to design.?Designers should therefore carefully listen to the breathless objects around them. They should carefully listen to what small objects whisper. For the designers who start designing after an object has been selected, it may be strange to make an object for a design by themselves. However, looking around for a while, they will find objects that can be designed from new perspectives. Our lives are too long and our ideals are too noble and pure to only determine objects in advance and then design.


Approaching design

Observing, Finding the undesigned, Simplifying

How do we approach to design? I think all design is started from observing. Look around your rooms and people beside you. Perhaps, there is handle we haven¡¯t used, and unconsidered object for use, and dry object without feeling and reason, and sometimes it has been design too much. Observe people and objects, Social and Environment, relation and interact,It is starting point of design.




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