Housing Fixture Serise for Daelim House Bussiness

Switches, Fixtures, Network wall pad & Remote controler
Collaboration with Sukwoo Lee
To Build interior identity of Daelim, construction company in Korea, apartment as a home fixture series, tried to differentiate between square shape created by a design language and rectangular. Switch is ¡®push button type¡¯ with an LED light emitting from the inside, its usability can be boasted because of a simple molding by covered with metallic plate, which helps users be able to use them intuitively.
By integrating the design of the switches, the outlets and the temperature regulators, make it easy to the combination of fixture changes(for instance, the temperature regulator, right next to the switch) according to the interior environment so as the facilitate and maintain the identity of the entire Daelim apartment.
Switch Series 1G for Daelim Apartment Interior system
Switch Series 4G for Daelim Apartment Inerior system
Temperature Controller for Daelim Apartment Inerior system

As far as temperature regulators, the area used as button parts on switch is set to display information of temperature status etc. shape seen by other brands and normally used. The top and bottom of the metallic plate are determined as interfaces for manipulating temperature in order to make the temperature regulator¡¯s complexity more minimized.

Outlets for Daelim Apartment Interior system

Normally outlets had been taken out of fixture design, while in this project the outlet is applied to an entire identity.

Assembly Engineering data / Switches & Fixtures
Remote controller for Daelim Apartment Interior system

Remote control for lighting switch to build Daelim¡¯s interior identity, the standing structure of the remote control, as well as easy to find it even in the messed up living room, it is easy to use specifically. The handle form designed appropriate size for more comfortable when grasped by hands naturally. Usually the size of the one-button switch is too small to have a disadvantage because it¡¯s easy to lose. But despite its small size, you can easily find it in the living room or a table because of the oval and round form and structure to upright like a roly-poly toy.

Home Networking Display for Daelim Apartment Interior system

As a series of Daelim¡¯s Home Networking Display, the main interaction Channel for managing and controlling the entire situation happening in the house, witch is responsible for communication with the outside of the house. Access to square frame format for the reason that all fixture design identity has to harmony with Daelim apartment according to its own interior environment, and get out of the general electronic products home networking display, look & feel, rear and hot harmony with interior designs. Through the lighting vertically hidden under the panel, ambient information is delivered emotionally and intuitively, such as red light crime prevention and flashing light for guest¡¯s visitation. Even in the dark living room at night, it would take a role for steps. Largely separated the front portion of the touch display and speaker hole part, finished the visual display as a glossy touch panel and speaker part as mat hole. And to draw attention to the slim figure wall-pad each side finished by big round shape.