Design Made 2008 / Saving by Design
21 November ~ 17 December 2008, Hangram Design Museum
Seoul Art Center / Seoul, Korea

Design made is opening its forth exhibition this year. The theme for 2008 is 'Saving by Design' This year, the aim is to share a variety of knowhow that we have for saving as designer at a time of a global financial recession.    

When purchasing lighting equipment such as the light bulb or light switch at electronics stores, each equipment is sealed in some form of packaging. Here, each equipment is put in P.P film, well-known for being the most cost effective packaging material. The packaged lighting parts light up when plugged in and no other decoration such as the lampshade are used. This project was initiated with the question, A combination of lighting parts covered in another shell, is that all there is to Lighting Design? In fact, this so-called shall can replace the original packaging of the equipment.

Installation Photo (c) SDESIGNUNIT    
Lighting Package Collection