2ch-Action Light / Spray, Shake, Blow, open
Design Made 2007

Hangaram Design Museum
2007.10.03 ~ 2007.10. 22

with Seulki, Kang / Graphic designer and Interaction artist
and Sohui, Won / Interaction, Interface Designer
and DongKyun, Kim / Product, interactive Designer

powered by Arduino


In a sophisticated and diverse living environment, we continuously interact with numerous objects. But all such complex looking interactions can ultimately be defined in the interaction language of 2CH (on and off). All objects and actions have appropriated response structures, and we have discovered behavioral characteristics appropriate for each object, through 100 different objects. Through this 2CH-Action-Light, we attempt to discuss the possibility of a new switch; from behavioral patterns in which the switch was used to turn the lamp on and off, to turning on the lights through objects we can easily see. This project is not merely an experiment for the lamp switch, but carries significance in that it is to discover the possibility of change for other switches lying around us.