TENT LONDON / Lighting Package
18-21 Semptember 2008 Truman Brewery London. U.K

SDESIGNUNIT will exhibit some new Lighitng Package at Tent London
Sponsored by Korea Design Foundation
This light-in-a-bag product from Korean design outfit SDESIGNUNIT does exactly what it says on the packet. I was drawn to it because it reminded me of Daniel Weil's bag radio (1983). It's interesting to compare the two products, but what's clever about the light by Bong kyu Song is that there is no evidence of 'design' at all - and that is intentional. The components simply are the product. A polythene bag is the body of the light, carrying graphics about the contents, and is its packaging at the same time. The components; mini circular flourescent tubes, wiring etc. are all inside the bag. Philosophy of 'non-design' aside, these lights are also very attractive, especially in their group format at Tent. by Keech Design
Co-Exhibitor Jangsub, Lee & Kwangho, Lee