Music in the Rain

2005. 10
personal work
Music in the Rain / Audio umbrella for rainny day
Plastic-handle, Film speaker, Gyro-censor
H1069 X W1069 X D 608 (mm)

  Ití»s very special feeling to listen to music on a rainy day. Rain, it makes people sentimental. Especially listening to music under an umbrella with a person you love gives us big emotion. The dome structure of umbrellas allows sound to be more concentrated, and a handle of umbrella could be a great part for controlling the music. Sometimes people spin an umbrella unconsciously. If you spin this umbrella to left or right, the music will move forward (right turn) or reverse (left turn). Unfortunately even though it is not raining, you still can use this umbrella. You can just put it in the corner of your living room with cradle, and then also you can enjoy the music from speakers of cradle.