Design Undesigned
Observe, Find, Simplify

Exhibitor: Sdesignunit+
Field: Product+Graphic
venue: 2006. 12. 09 - 2006. 12. 14
place: BMH
Phone 02.322.4212
Fax 02.323.4213

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We have gathered to design ¡®The undesigned objects.¡± or the objects that are waiting for the designer¡¯s hand to be reached. If we look closer into our daily living lives, the objects that need to be designed properly are easily seen. We observed and defined the objects without feelings and reasons of being a certain shapes, or the objects that are designed ¡°too much,¡± meaning unnecessary elements exist in its shape or functions.

Where is the beginning point of design? What is the subject of design?
By observing, people in object, reactions between the interactions, and society in environment, it is not so difficult to find the possibility of design. It¡¯s because of all scenery from daily images are the subject of design.