VOICE PERCUSSION / interactive instrumental Toy

Material / acetal (prototype) / Poly Carbinate (manufactured)
Size / 103 X 103 X 234(H)mm
Creation day / 2008.09.25

Voice Percussion attempts to make daily sounds, which can be easily ignored, into musical instruments through the collection of sounds and the immediate recording and reproduction. The repetitive play of daily sounds makes beats and several voice percussions make harmony. One¡¯s sneezes or voices are sampled and then, reproduced and played through Voice Percussion. Not only the player, but also the people waiting for their turn can experience and see the process of recording and playing. Through video recording or steal cuts, they are recorded.
Co-worked with Sulki, Kang & Kenichi Okada as atoyfactory toy man

How to play Voice Percussion
1. Hold Voice Percussion
2. Turn on the power switch (icon).
3. Press the record button (icon) and record your voice trough the mike hole.
4. Shake Voice Percussion forward and backward and play.
5. Freely adjust the voice (icon) the speed (icon).
6. Have various performances, together with others.
7. Turn off the power switch of Voice Percussion and put it on the prop.

We are familiar with Latin-American instruments such as the cabasa or the maracas. These instruments are percussive, using beans or sand to make sounds, and provide rhythms or beats, speed and dynamics. Voice Percussion is an interactive instrument toy which plays the recorded sound digitally along with he user¡¯s movement. It can create different voice beats by sampling a sneeze or a verbal sound effect and can be played with both hands or with people so as to give the same effect as simple analog performances of percussion instruments with digital samplings. The performer and he audience can experience and view the harmony made by collection of the sounds in everyday life, impromptu recordings and playback. Recordings are made by video or still cuts. The designed results and the designer¡¯s process of reaction and interaction based cooperation are combined through Voice Percussion.

Assemble Ideation sketch and BOM parts

Engineering draft for manufacturing

VOICE PCB SCH - draft ver. 1.0
PCB Prototype ver. 1.0

all parts assayed PCB